Help with reluctant rok
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white wing lover:
This Alan Carpenter rok was really misbehaving when I tried to fly it for the first time   >:(
I've never been so annoyed with a kite...
I tried numerous adjustments to both spreader bow lines and bridle. All it wanted to do was start upward and then just spin and crash...

Came really close to &*%^&^$$&^ing this one. Any suggestions?

Time to mount it on a wall  ::)
It may just be the photo, but the proportions look a bit odd.

Check the bridles for symmetry. Are they all even?

Have you flown roks before? Put a lot of bow in the spreaders. Lower the tow point to where the kite will barely lift. Try to fly it and if it stabilizes, move the tow point gradually up for a better flight angle.

Good luck!

white wing lover:
Quote from: DGomberg on September 08, 2013, 09:48 AM

It may just be the photo, but the proportions look a bit odd.

It is a "modified" rok, the lower portion of the sail is tapered and not symetrical to the upper sail area. I will give your suggestions a try David. Thanks...
The extra legs in the bridle make the super easy rok bridle adjustments harder.....I am guessing that if you wanted to be 100% new you could put a simple four leg bridle on it and pull off this one...

Also is there any bow in the spine when assembled? A bow in the spine makes a very manueverable rok....but not as steady of a stand alone flyer....

Another thing could be that the skin is stretched aymmetrically and that is what is playing you....

You could put a pink purple black transition tail on it and that would stabilize it and look good too.
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