Sails for sale?

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 Please forgive this stupid question please..
I was wondering why sell just the sail, why take the spars out of the kite? ???
Like I said please forgive the stupid question.. ::)


Perhaps the spars were re-purposed into a new sail?  Or maybe the spars suffered from spontaneous deceleration syndrome?

Allen Carter:

A sail is easy to ship to Europe or Asia!


Some people might have gotten a deal on a skin to build up as project...some time teams would get extra skins as spares....


We offer a "sail only" option for our Revolution kites because many people have purchased extra frames for their standard model and only need a "vented sail" to fill out their quiver of Revs.  They use the same lines/handles/DVD and frames so there is no need to re-purchase all the same gear again.

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