Rev Power Blast on kite bar

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Has anyone ever hooked up a Revolution Power Blast 2-4 or 4-8 on a kiteboarding bar, instead of using handles?  I'm wondering if it is still as controllable and flyable, and if you can use it for power kiting this way by hooking into a harness.  Im interested in trying one out, but I dont want to rip my arms out.

The only thing i can surmise is if the bottom lines are attached to the bar tips, and the top lines are attached through the center of the bar to the harness, you can only control turning by pulling the bar tips, and only control kite speed by pushing foward and back on the whole bar.  so basically no horizontal slides are possible.

However has anyone tried it to see if that is good enough to get yanked around and be in control on a mountain baord or snowboard?


Revs require tension on all 4 lines to fly - you can't slack the trailing lines like a foil.

Any method that can maintain and constantly adjust the tension on all 4 lines would work.


I don't think a depower bar would really work on a Rev 2-4/4-8, turns/spins would be really difficult and like kwmf mentioned any slack would cause issues.

You could probably get away with a strop hooked into the harness with the handles, but even with that you wouldn't have much side-slide control unless you had a super long strop.

I've only flown them static so can't really say for sure...


there was a proto type bar floating around a few yrs back

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