Silver Fox 2.3 Std. - leech line tensioner.
Can anyone advise me how to set up the leech line tensioner on my new Silver Fox 2.3?
Instruction sheet that came w/ the kite is mute on the leech line tensioner and difficult to interpret on the LE tensioners. I think I've got the LE figured out, but can't figure out how the bungee tensioner works w/ the Dyneema leech line.
Any guidance would be much appreciated!
Basically the leech line controls the amount of tension in the trailing edge of the kite.

With a looser leech line the trailing edge can vibrate a little which will slow the kite down and improve the precision of the flying but it will be more noisy. It can be useful to loosen the leech line in strong winds to slow the kite down.

With the leech line tighter the trailing edge will not vibrate as much so the kite will fly more quickly and more quietly but will not be quite so precise.

If the adjustment on the Siver Fox is the same as the FW Soul  you will have a length on bungee over the centre 'T' with the leech lines looped to the either end of the bungee with a Larkshead knot.  With the kite assembled, move the Larksheads up the bungee towards the centre 'T' to tighten the leech line and away from the Centre 'T' to loosen it.  Make sure both sides are evenly adjusted.

Try flying the kite as it is and then adjust it if needed.  I like mine so it is quiet in normal (8-12 mph) winds and just starts to vibrate a little as the wind gets higher.
Thanks for the info.
This kite has the bungee tied to the keel above the T with the other end hanging down with a simple overhand knot at the end. The leech line is a single Spectra line from wingtip to wingtip with a loop coming up from the inner ends of the trailing edge toward the bungee. I think the lark's head would likely grip the braided jacket on the bungee since it will be kept in tension. I'll give it a try!
I appreciate your help!
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