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After seeing several videos of the Hugo Alpha Kites? (best I can tell from a google search) ...My curiosity has been peaked! Looks like a very capable kite in the right hands.

I thought maybe it was a open-plan kite at first but after a doing google search, it appears to be a production kite. There was a Singapore sight that had them listed for a whopping price tag ...over half a grand!   ??? It looks like several good Euro fliers have them and have good things to say about them.

Can anyone share any/all information you have on them? Thanks in advance!
yes, i've got two hugo's, a bill (hugo (s)ul) and a king (hugo vented)

the best kites i know, really (and i know a lot!)

if you want to buy one, contact busterike (thorsten mikus), i'll pm you if you want an emailaddress (let me know)
oh yes, they are expensive... (over 400 each = $540)

worth it? for me yes
Quote from: photogbill on September 24, 2013, 07:42 PM

Can anyone share any/all information you have on them? Thanks in advance!

Seen > this?


Hugo = std; Bill = (S)UL; King = vented
All 3 versions are made by Thorsten and Mathias, who left Alphakites last year.
More details / contact are also > here and > here.

Mod: I am going to have to refer you to this.
Thanks for the quick replies!

dragonfly ...Thanks for the forum links! Only read a few pages of the first link but will definitely check the rest later on when I'm not pressed for time. My interest is definitely peeked.

Yes Krijn, I would appreciate your pm'ing me with Thorsten's email address. Which model do you recommend the most? The Bill (ul). I normally fly in under 10 mph & don't like flying in anything above 15 mph anyway. Read that the Std. one flies in as low a range as many ULs ...if that is true there any trick-ability advantage in getting the std?

ON a  side note, I Just found out that my ATM will be ready to ship next week so I'll be tapped out on kite funds for awhile but I'm sure interested in a Hugo for a future purchase. Thanks.
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