flying zero wind in airport terminals

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Hi folks,
Quick turnaround time on this question.  Has anyone had any bad experiences anywhere in the world flying a small glider in an airport beyond security?  I'm headed out tomorrow morning to Nepal via O'Hare, Doha Qatar, and Katmandu and later to JFK.  I'm bringing my small iFlite and hope to kill some time with it on layovers if I can find some inconspicuous and less drafty place to play.  One person has told me a security person once told them to stop, so it got me wondering.  Any experiences with this?
Hope to post some pics of the iFlite flying beneath Annapurna in a few weeks!


definitely it is an airport specific, security guard specific thing...
i have flown in airports (bigger kites than an iFlite) and not had a problem....but i know that some TSA quards would like nothing more that to "shut it down"......

bring it.....see what the atmosphere is like and then try it......


I got bounced by the Police for flying on my regular kite field.... So you just never know.

Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There You Are.


No experience in airports, although I've thought about it.

I got shut down while flying a rev with my son on a frozen lake in the middle of winter - when the lake had a foot of snow on top of the ice.  Only other people on the lake were ice fishing, and none were nearby.  Brand new forest preserve ranger with no knowledge of their regulations . . . the reason given was "they don't like the kites getting caught in the trees" . . . and the trees were at least a quarter mile away and I was flying on 120s (at the most).

So you never know . . . . better not to argue.  But I do know the forest preserve regulations now.  You are not allowed to take off / land or hang glide in the forest preserves (without permission), but you can fly kites.

Good luck to you, and have a great trip!


I've been shut down in the hotel lobby, but allowed to fly quads at the Canadian airport required to get there.  Know your limits and don't even come close to anything or anyone who might later point you out and ask for assistance from security to have you removed.

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