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Fearless Object:
What is the different between the AS rods and other carbond rods? Can anyone explain please? Why the AS rods so much more expensive then other rods? I had use the AS rods before and the AS rods still broke just like other rods out there. I thought I used the AS rods will give me the best of everything and still break. Why?

Thanks a lot.

Good day.
jon t:
The AS tubes are made out of a very high modulus pre preg material, more carbon verse resin . The  pre preg cloth that we make wrapped carbon tubes out of comes in different weights. The very high modulus materials can have a very high price per pound. I also believe these tubes were manufactured in Japan and they also may have had Boron in the material.   As the material modulus goes up the more brittle the material can be. The way the material is layered can also have a big effect on the deflection and durability you obtain. Larger diameter tubes will be stiffer per weight but have a thinner wall. Our Sky Shark Nitro has a very close deflection to the same weight AS tube. The big difference comes with the ability of the tube to rebound quickly. In these terms the AS tube shines. But is it worth what you will pay for it. You would have to be a very good flyer to notice the difference.  It is always about weight verse deflection and then there is the important part, durability. These comments are just my opinion . I have been working with and designing wrapped carbon tubed for sport kites for over 20 years starting with G Force ,Black Diamond and then Sky Shark tubes.
Jon Trennepohl
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Fearless Object:
Thanks Jon.
Another thing, the AS rods are made to much much tighter tolerances then say skysharks, plus they are all individually x-rayed to ensure correct fabrication.

As for breaking, nothing is indestructible, but the AS rods used correctly can take a whole lot of punishment.
Correctly means to use the conical connectors for example.

They also have a different return to shape behavior then other rods. Thanks to their bigger diameter and construction they return from a loaded to a unloaded shape much quicker.

Black Diamonds are similar in feel and behavior, as are the g-force ul/sul, just the AS do it better.

PS, best skyshark rod ever? Response Zero Gold
Fearless Object:
Thank you my friend :) I will try them again :)

Good day !
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