Possible to identify lines?

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As I'm getting more and more back into kiting (just in time for rain around here...), I'm digging in my bag and realizing I have various line sets but do not know what their weight might be.  I took a couple shots of three examples - I put a new 150# spectra set that came with my Widow NG for comparison on the left in each shot.  FWIW, the new sprectra feels much more slippery than these other three.

This set is colored - one purple, one yellow.  Must have been a trend I liked back in the day :)

These guys were in my old hawaiian team bag, with the ripped sail  ::)


Also, just got an old phantom off ebay, and it came with a line set for a rev...  I have an old brownish/kevlar set from my Rev 2, but I'm assuming this is from a rev 1.  They're 100 footers, anyone know what lines came with the Rev 1?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Ca Ike:
Well there's no fast way to tell what lines are unless you know the brand.  The colored set I wouldn't even use myself since its twisted and not braided and will bind really easy but IIRC that was the line that came with most cheaper stunt kites and is probably around 100# nylon or early twisted polyester(80's vintage).  THe set from your Hawaiian if its original should be 175# dacron or nylon and thats based on what mine had back then.  As for the Rev 1 Set they should be 90# or 150# LPG spectra.  REv has used LPG line exclusively for a long time.

Thanks for the response Ike.

Kind of what I assumed, was worth a shot in the dark.  All these lines (minus the rev) came from Cloud 9 in Ocean Shores back around the mid/late 90's.

Is there a means to tell specre, dacron, and nylon apart?

Ca Ike:
Dacron and nylon are hard to tell apart by looks alone.  Nylon will have a slightly shinier sheen to it under bright light and will have more springiness to it meaning it will stretch and retract more than dacron(polyester).  The same weight line in nylon will stretch more before failing than equal dacron as well.  Line coatings make going by feel moot but nylon feels softer than dacron.  Spectra when coated looks bright but has a dull sheen almost satin like.  Nylon when melted will brown almost instantly and shrink, dacron will not char as easily but tends to glob instead of shrink when melted.  Spectra shrinks like nylon but does not char hardly at all when melted even if it catches flame.  However when it comes to stretch tests the braid has a LOT to do with the results.  A loose braided dacron will have virtually the same springiness as nylon and the only difference then will be the failure point.  Another way to tell is by knot failure.  Spectra will break at a knot before nylon or dacron will.

When flying, once the braid is stretched and tightened, the kite will feel different with different line type.  Spectra has a sharp feel with almost instant input transfer where polyester and nylon give the kite a more spongy feel.

In the mid 90's my rev 2 came with kevlar lines and my rev 1 had spectra lines with a red braid.
I also have old linesets that are a little thicker than new linesets of the same weight.
Also back in the day there were way more choices of line weights than today......iirc there were 30/50/75/80/90/100/150 lb. strengths and probably more especially over 150 lb.


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