Duende 2.2 Std first look.


Jorge Gouverneur:
I got a Duende 2.2 std. I only have flown it 2 times. still getting to know the kite.

Here is my first look:

Its a kite designed for all those radical tricks (Taz Machines, Crazy Copters Yo-Fades and others). Its a very responsive kite. A quick tug to start a backspin and you end up with enough momentum for 2 backspins. Same with the lazy-susan. For the more traditional tricks its faster than average kites.

The specs says a wind range of 3-20 mph. I have tried tried kite in the low wind range 2-5 it flied well but you have to set the bridle upper legs to the shortest position in the settings.

Here are a couple of videos I did.

My first time flying it. (Doing some Taz Machines)  :)

iFLY2 Duende 220 Std

My Second one. (First time trying to do a Yo-Fade and a Crazy Copter)  :)

iFLY2 with my Duende 2 2

I eventually will add more reviews and videos.


Jorge Gouverneur.

Nice job.

Jorge Gouverneur:
Thanks. SparkieRob


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