AKA Nationals?


Anyone go/there? i heard that registration was quite low.....but nothing at all on the forum?
noticed that even Kitelife has not done their usual daily reports....

There are a fair amount of facebook mentions . I think John is a little tied up as AKA pres to be doing his usual updates.
I'm really sad not to have been able to go this year.

We were there. I don't have any numbers, but I feel it might have been bigger than Enid. Good time.


Between 160 - 170.  Lots of participation by everyone, had a good number of kites in the sky most of the time.  Winds died out Friday, stunt kiters had a difficult time in competition but persevered!

Officially, attendance at Seaside was 158 people, as per Bob Kelly.

We'll look to do much better than that when AKA comes to the Outer Banks - Kitty Hawk / Nags Head area next year.


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