Speedwing style kite ?

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Wondering if any of you kitemakers have ever tried to make a Speedwing style kite?  My Dad has one that he's guessing is 20 yrs old and it's in kind of rough shape from use in pretty high winds with some crashing.  It looks pretty simple from the photos he's sent and is sending me, but I'd like to try to replicate that for him with some newer materials.  For example, it it a vinyl tube nose on it and an unusual bridle.  Looks to be about a 42" span and maybe 18" deep so it's kind of an elongated Delta shape.  Anyone tried to make one of these before?


Are you looking for something like THIS ?

Yes, that's the style of the kite although a "Super" must be a larger version of this kite than my Dad has.  I'm sure I can scale down the dimensions from this and be off and running, so this is a big help.  Thanks for the assistance tracking this down.  I hadn't spent any time yet doing an internet search  - figured this kite was old enough that it would be tough to find much on it.
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This one looks very similar but has more comprehensive instructions.


I made a few back in the day, using plans from Stunt Kites To Make And Fly.
No tricks at all, but fast and a surprisingly strong pull.
The simple framing and somewhat complicated bridle work well and they lend themselves to stacking, for a cheap buggy engine.


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