Top of the Line LE (limited edition) 1992

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I hope to find a picture and/or info on a Top of the Line Sport Kite LE (limited edition).

I just won one in the 2013 AKA Auction Saturday nite here in Seaside.  The kite has a Certificate of Authenticity, only 250 were built, the kite is NIP, sealed in a plastic bag.

Anyone know anything about this kite??

I will be traveling for the next week, so responses may be erratic until I drive my father from Michigan to Florida


Perhaps one of these 250 North Shore Radical signed by Don Tabor ?

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Thank you Michael, that could be the one.... Anybody else know if Don made other signed series?

Yup. Thats the one I was thinkin as well.
I know where one is for sale (brand new) but the price is a bit high.

Don Tabor is on facebook, go there and ask him. ;)


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