When Having A Kite Signed....

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I have been working full time for Aristocrat (ATI) as a casino game designer for several months now.

At the recent G2E show, our company unveiled the new Batman 1966 casino game

and 85 year young Adam West was in attendance signing autographs.

Although he was only signing publicity photos he had brought, he made an exception

as I had helped write the voice-over dialog we put into the game.

He was kind enough to sign my Gary Dromgold Batman kite.

I was 17 when Batman first came out and watched every show with particular

interest when Julie Newmar was on as Catwoman.

Today, after reframing the kite, (brought just the sail to have signed at the show),

I was a bit stunned to see the signature was on the back side of the kite.  :'(

Never even occurred to me. The Batsignal is symmetrical and looked correct when folded.

I'm looking at this like an upside down airmail stamp sort of thing.

Plus, when hung on the wall, the frame and bridle will be against the wall, out of view.

So be careful.


That's about the coolest story that I've heard in awhile. 

But I don't think all is lost.  If you hold the kite in a fade, won't it appear legibly to someone looking up from beneath?


Hang the kite with the spine facing the wall.

When the kite is on the ground at the field the autograph will be properly visible.

Honestly Godfather, you're such an alarmist.

Glass half full Bro., glass half full.



Seriously... you have a Dromgold Batman kite and Adam West's autograph on it?
Your glass overflows.  :-*

Ca Ike:

Well you can always flip the tail strap and nose stitching so you can frame it correctly.  Its not that hard to take off and resew the tail strap and the nose shouldn't need to be touched as you don't sew across the pocket anyway.

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