More ULs


Plagued by no winds today for the most part.  Lots of pumping and maintaining your ground, but once again  some nice weather and sunshine.

This one flys into SUL territory.  So much pressure and confident flight in little wind.

The brothers.

Wow Tom!  Acquiring kites left and right! One of these days I'll get settled and start making trips back to the hill.  I'm hoping to get my new studio set up in the next few weeks (first have to clear all the things out that I'm storing in there!).  Anyway, they look great and I hope I get a chance to see them in person.  Talk to you soon!

Thanks, Stephen. 

It's a bit of an addiction, I fear.  Jim (kantaxel) and I tried to start a support group at one point, but it evolved into more of an enablers club! 

You are welcome to peruse my kite bag anytime.


Hot kites :P


and yes, bill can fly in very light winds, you can take the 25gram !! weight out, but it will feel very sloppy

the stiffness in the framing is probably very important, bill isn't very light, also dacron on the leading edges


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