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Ricardo showed me this...kite is the Crow "Senior" STD+

How it kinda works:
Go into a the first one normal...when it comes to the next one, then hit it harder and shorter, following the next inputs as fast as you can...its like 2 inputs for one will find the spot...after, get it to calm down and go not forget the slack with the other works with kites that are able to do Barrels best...try and have fun  :)

At 00:02:49, Miguel, is doing it too  =D>

Eurocup 2011 Cervia Miguel Perez DLI ballet .avi

Thanks for the video.

Yet another new oddness from you.

Most appreciated.  :)

Ca Ike:
Interesting but it almost looks like an old school flat barrel roll since the nose stays forward.  Can you post a slow speed version of the vid so I can see whats happening better with the kite itself? If I understand it right the shorter double pop keeps the nose from going away and staying nose forward or nose down.w  Is off hand slack still the same as a normal back spin?

Sorry...its not my video...original files are deleted...I do not know how to download the vid  >:(

Peter do not apologize I am just glad to see you here again.. Great stuff as always


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