My new Dragon (one of Gene's kites)
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Allen Carter:
This 55' White Bird Dragon is from the collection of Gene Lewandowski. What a neat kite!

It's the kite I really wanted when I bought my first 25' White Bird Dragon from GWTW in 1998. It's the kite I saw hanging from the ceiling in the Come Fly a Kite shop 20 years before that. That day in 1978 I bought a 25' purple Quicksilver mylar dragon and kiting got it's hooks into me.  :)

So now I suppose I won't be satisfied until I have 75' and 150' dragons too.  ::)

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Nice, Allen. The Sun King is a very cool White Bird!
there are no 75 footers....there are 150' & 250' & 350' though....and of course the 25' and 35' too....
Heloise and her crew made the best dragon kites ever.....

Personally i am not a fan of the 250' and 350'....they both have the same head as the 150' (4' square) but the tail is stretched out.....

Enjoy it!
Allen Carter:
75' is a size I've always thought of for a self-made dragon. it would just make a nice progressive set in the sky. :-)

Matter of fact, making a dragon is one of the main reasons I've considered learning how to sew.

After helping DanW put away a 250' dragon I always thought it was maybe more fabric than I needed to mess with...  ::)

I would agree that a 70-80' would be great!

The biggest ones are a hassle unless you have lots of sky space and time......
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