90# vs 50# on a SUL

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If very low wind, can you really tell the difference between 90# and 50# lines on a SUL? 



depends on the line imo. the new shanti line( the yellow stuff) is pretty thin at 90# and rivals some of my 50# line


+1....depending on the line(s).
However it would also depend on the length(s) of the lines.
I like to fly my SUL Pro Dancer on 100ft of 50# line......NOT so on 80# or 90#. Huge difference even with new more thin lines.
I like to fly my BV Feather on 60ft of 50# line.....OK with 80 or 90 but.....nah...
I like to fly my 3D on 30 or 40 ft lines. Sometimes I like the 90# line more than the 50# line for short lines.


It also depends on the conditions, wind quality, experiance etc.

I can feel the difference between a 20 and 40lbs lines very clearly.
Or between a 80 and 120lbs line on a speedkite.

and Yes, i do use 20 and 40lbs lines in low winds :)


I don't use 50# often, but it makes a noticeable difference with quad 120' and an SUL.
I might use it 9 or 10 times a year, but when you get down to the lightest breezes, I think it's worth having.

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