Don't count Ocius Ul & Ocius Sul out

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Just beginning to understand how good this Kite really is.  Working on the JL's with the Ocius Ul really paid off.  I started to transition it into the Ocius Sul on a No Wind day.. some success and failures... Biggest failure that day No Wind.  I clipped pieces for the other video from this...and a couple places I repeat for music.

The Ocius Sul was a Treat to find out I could Half Axel Fade and Roll it up.  The Wind was gone or I would have finished the JL...

Last night I did my Best JL at the field with Mike's Solus std.  Left,right,left ,right,left right.... Getting to be real fun to do...
Actually seems sort of easy Now... :D :D :D :D  Combo's are gonna look nice...

There is No Doubt that my fling with the Solus has improved my flying...  If it hadn't been for that I'd still be in the Dark Ages...
Started with Cascades...

The right Kite can make the difference ...


Ocius Sul


You are pulling too hard, especially in the Jacob, when you want to go to fade again...farther, what you definatly have to change is, keep your hands near your body when your pulling. You move your arm towards the side, like aou want to show someone the way. This way you loose much input...hard for me to explain...Just try to be more gental and keep your inputs near the body...thanks for sharing...keep it up :-)

Ara Ararauna:


Hi from the Dark Ages!   ???


Thanks Pete it's the same thing Devin told me...  :D :D.. I will work on it.  I just checked my red Sul and as I thought No Yo Yo stoppers.  I have them on my Blue Sul.

The kite still got me part way there.  The wind was almost gone.  But I will work on gentle inputs ...  Some of those JL's I really put some muscle in. I get excited when learning a new trick.  Was DAMN surprised to find out when in a Fade if you pull the lines it will Flip...  ??? ??? ???



I'd like to say how much I enjoy and appreciate your frequent videos.  When you first started posting them I thought "What's the point?  There's nothing special or spectacular about them."  But with time they tell a story - a history of progress, and also more about the differences between kites as it is the same person flying them with little time elapsed between flights. 

With many of the better flyers' videos, one just sees a trick done perfectly.  - Which I haven't found that helpful when trying to improve.  Often they become just another dream to aspire to.
But with yours, because they come out regularly over time, we can learn the changes that make a trick better.  That's my hope anyway. 

Thanks again.

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