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I am thinking about getting a GoPro camera or something similar and have it head mounted for capturing myself flying a kite.  What I am worrying is the video will keep shaking while I am doing tricks and it will become difficult to watch.

Does anyone have any experience with it?



Just bing "Go Pro head mounted video", you'll find all kinds videos with it mounted on peoples heads. If you like what you see, you answered your own question. I don't care for the fisheye look of the videos myself.


The following video is shot with head mounted GoPro.
You should fly on short lines because due to wide field of view kite might look very small.
Decide for you self ;-)
There are more similar videos in my youtube profile if you are interested ;-)

R-Sky Nirvana at Sunset, Plovdiv


I use a  Drift Innovation 1080 Stealth...but..i do not wear it when flying...instead i mount it on a monopod out between me and the great....
the Twig Pod:


Now I can fly with the runs (aztec 2 step) in the dark THANK YOU ROB!!
I doubt anyone is going to want to watch it though

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