Jammin Video by Jorge

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. Thank you Jorge! He flies all brands, this one just so happens to be my latest design. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu4FrhRe_SY

Jorge Gouverneur:

Thanks Dodd:

With the growing iFLY2 group. I started posting videos, learning new things about the sport. and made new friends from around the world.

I've been flying kites for 6 years. In the last 7 months is where I really improved my kite flying skills Thanks to Dodd Gross and iFLY2 Group.

If you're starting with dual line sport kites or just want a place were you will find people with the same passion? iFLY2 is The group to join.


Kites I fly:
NTK French Connection II UL
Eolo Over
FlyingWings SilverFox 2.3 UL, 2.5 UL, Airwave Zero and Duende 2.2 Std
Atelier Kites Transfer xt.r
SkyDog Jammin'

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