Night flying using glow sticks

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I have seen some 8" glow stick for sale.  Has anyone tried putting them on a kite for night flying?  I really would like giving it a shot.  I think they are really light and should not have any adverse effect on flying.



yeah...go have fun with them......
remember to pick a REALLY open area for flying as you most likely are not going to be able to see anything sticking up into the air....

light sticks (and any light system) do add weight to the kite so you might need a little more wind than normal, and the kite might react a little differently than you are used to as well...
but it is fun!!!!

Ca Ike:

I use dollar store glow necklaces taped to the spars.  When done right it only adds weight and doesn't affect balance hardly at all.


I have used glow sticks in the past. I used small pieces of tape to hold them in place. +1 on what has been said already. You might also consider different colors on the wing tips to help you figure out which is which.


What kind of tapes do you use to secure the sticks?

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