The First Kite video I did.
Jorge Gouverneur:
Hi everyone:

This video was probably what inspired Dodd Gross to create iFLY2.  remember that took the French Connection II UL for a test and the Tried a Back-Spin, a Fade and a J.L. and fell in love with it.

Here you will also see my Transfer xt.r made by Atelier kites (got this kite from GWTW back in the days. Remember that wanted the blue one and but the purple one was the only left.

Cool Things Visalians do
Really enjoyed that Jorge. That purple is glorious!
Jorge Gouverneur:
Thanks. SparkieRob.

It turns heads every time I take them out  :)

Specially when people starts seen the tricks I can pull from them.
Great post,
your a bit of a Wizard on the strings Governor!

Jorge Gouverneur:
That's what happens when you practice allot  :) and love to fly Stunt Kites too :)  :)
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