Emong versus Zero G
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Bob D:
I'm having trouble getting my Emong to glide. Other posts suggested adjusting the tow settings to prevent diving. I see that Steve still has Zero Gs for sale. The video shows them flying like a glider plane and that's what I was hoping for with the Emong.

Two questions:
Does the Emong take a lot of practice to learn to fly? I don't mind a challenge but I wish it were easier to learn.

Is the Zero G as easy to fly as the video suggests? I'm thinking that the Zero G might be a lot of fun.
I have the Zero G and i am having lots of trouble with it as a zero wind glider, its not an easy flyer in my mind.  i also have the Flying Wings Laima Bird and love it, very easy to fly ...
The plutz is a much better glider than then the emong.....a much more funky look to it as well.
I had found that the emong dove quite often as well...and maybe because of the amount of sail area it was very hard to recover outside a walk of shame.....
the plutz will recover much better...and if it does end up on the ground pivot around to relaunch quite nicely too...

I have a zero g and it glides very well. It may take some tweaking to get what you want with multiple adjustment points.  I also have a chiropetra by will sturdy, also a great glider
I have a ZG and love it, great fun!

I also have an urban ninja and ended up with 8 grams of lead on the nose to get it tuned to my liking it is also fun and flies in very low breeze but does not glide as well as the ZG.

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