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I've got a bit more time on the ATM and thought that I would share a few thoughts - sort of a mini review of sorts. 

We've been plagued with bad winds for some time now as fall takes over from summer - either no wind at all of far too much wind to really do much of anything with finesse.  

Recently, I've had some opportunities to fly the kite in decent winds for a few hours at a time and really got a chance to fully evaluate the ATM.  I've been flying it for some time in a variety if winds since I got it. 

First off, the kite has and maintains a decent amount of wind pressure with a solid pull and feedback which leads to excellent precision and connection with the kite.  It has a bigger kite feel with a slower flying speed than Lams other designs, but yet it remains agile in flight and trick movement. 

Trick-wise, it's all there just like his other kites and I was able to fall in immediately and do everything that I can do right away.  The Taz is a give-away with this kite - very easy and reliable.   It's also a yoyo monster - you can easily wrap it as many times as you like, it just goes right around reliably with no trouble.   I've found no oddities with the kite - everything is solid and reliable including easy flick--flacks, flat spins, backspins, multi lazys, and linked combos.  The side slide is super easy on this kite which is a trick that I don't often do, but have been doing alot since flying the ATM.  Comete is super solid, fast or slow and easy to reverse according to my son (I'm still one direction on that one). 

The cascade requires a little more timing than I've found with Lams other kites, but it's still easy to do, it's more of an adjustment to have it look smoother.  In my opinion, it's a slight trade off perhaps for the super easy taz which is completely worth it in my opinion.  With my Fearless, I can bang it pretty hard and it just flattens out and comes back for the next input.  This one just hit it with a more metered input and it's all good. 

They dynamic spars work well - no issues.  I would like to try the kite framed in skyshark for comparison, but it works well as is.  For sure, it is by far the best dynamic sparred kite on the market that I've ever flown and by a wide margin. 

I've flown it back to back with some of my other Lam kites and while I prefer smoothness of my Fearless, for example, there are other things that the ATM does better, such as the Taz.  I think few or no corners were cut in order to hit the less than $300 price point on the kite - it's well designed, built, and executed.   I'll fly it for a year and see how it holds up wear-wise, but so far,  I've noticed no issues there either.  
Thanks for sharing.  Which model did you fly that comes up with the review ..UL, SUL or STD?
Mine is the UL.    I'm not sure that the SUL is available yet, but I sure enjoyed lams last video of it.

I have not tried the standard.  Looking at the stated specs, it looks like it needs only a little more wind, but has a much higher top end.   I'd like to try that one for sure.

Fearless Object:
Thanks a lot Tom. Maybe I should send you the Sul to play with it for while and see how you like it :) I like it myself as you can see in the video :) Thanks again.

Have a great day.
Thanks for the review.

Another kite I need to try.  :D
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