My New Student Franklin Learning how to fly Stunt Kites
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Jorge Gouverneur:
This is the third time I meet with Franklin. I've been teaching him for a week. He loves to fly Stunt kites and I am very proud of him. He is missing his 2 Hands and 2 Feet but that doesn't stops him from flying stunt kites.

We had little wind that day 1-2 mph winds. For him to fly, I let him use my AirWave zero kite. When the wind started to pick up 2-4 mph, we switched to my Silverfox 2.5 UL.

He did a very good job keeping both kites in the air considering the low wind conditions  :)

Franklin is from Venezuela the video titles are in Spanish but the this video talks for it self.

Franklin Mejias Volando Cometas de 2 cuerdas con muy poca briza

Thank you.
its people like you that make this planet a great place to live!
Franklin is carving it up already,must be some good coaching going on.
Great post,thanks.
Jorge Gouverneur:
Thanks Alien:

I Thank God for giving me the chance to teach such a great kid.
Flying Fish:
Consider the 'like' button pressed!
Jorge Gouverneur:
Thanks Flying Fish.
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