Rev washers

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How long do most Rev top cap washers last?
My wife is learning to fly Rev's (and doing quite well........)  but some leading edge into the ground crashes are inevitable.

First day on a new 1.5-B and a washer tore off. I repaired it temporarily with a wire (zip) tie to allow more flying that day. Got a repair kit from Rev and replaced the bungee cord and washer. I looked at the other side top cap washer and noticed it was starting to split so I replaced that washer/ bungee as well to avoid losing one in flight.

Just curious if this is normal or are the stresses of a novice learning to fly a Rev beating those washers into early failure?


My Rev I is nearly 20 years old, the washers are fine.
Other parts are pretty worn/torn, but the washers are still OK.


irc the rev washers just used to be slices of rubber tubing.....probably cheaper and easier to replace by going to a local hardware store....easy to have spares that way too....


Hard hits want to pull those 2 knots through the small hole of those washers/slices of 1/4" id hose at the same time causing the split. Check at the hardware store for different hoses the thick wall stuff with threads in it is what some of my revs have, some have clear hard/yellowed plastic like buttons with a single hole. Most of them are slices of hose. You probably have something at home that works just as good, like those rubber feet on the bottom of the wooden block that holds your knifes on the kitchen counter.


Thanks for the replies!

I think mikeb's observation is accurate as the Rev HAS been hitting the ground a bit with the leading edge. I can see how that would stress these washers and want to 'pull' the bungee cords through the opening.

The 1.5B Rev is great kite and my wife is having a really good time flying it. Hard to say if (when?) I will join her in her journey to 'The Dark Side'............................ but I may!!!

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