Revin' Lake Michigan
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Here's my first good video... Found the perfect place to record flights.. next time i'll get some DUAL Video too, but the winds were a bit high!
Nice flying Jim....  Nie work in the water ..walk er' right out...
yea, them rocks really killed my wind right there, but it came out kinda cool on video.  :D

I was hoping to get some dual flying in, but the wind was wicked! I did get some night flying in last night with the ATM video came out OK. may try to post that tonight. NIght video is very hard for me.

We need to fly sometime.. I was trying to get out your way this summer but it didn't work out for a Wedn. fly.
I was wondering if my pc was messed up as it didn't hear sound in your video, but I still always enjoy revs flying, is there any audio?
Not ur pc.. In new to videos and ran into some copyright issues >:(

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