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I need some music ideas for my next indoor comp.I would like to get some good  song choices so I can set up a routine.Be flying a I nak, a Skate, or iflites.Ill try what ever song choices you post.hopefully several choices.
For bold, dramatic music, I really like "This is Berk" from the "How to Train Your Dragon" soundtrack.  Wide range of musical themes with lots of room for kite creativity.  Probably not good for the gliders, but if you have enough energy to spank the duallies around inside, and have more creativity than I do, I think it could work out really well.

Just my $.02 you can take or leave.
I always liked

Blue by LeAnn Rimes for indoor.

It's about 2:45 depending on which version you have. It even has a nice key change in it.

"Blue" - LeAnn Rimes (HQ Music Video)
If your comp is in the near future there might be a few Christmas songs that lots of people know.
Would you like to try a few discs? I have a pile and I used them in kite competitions.
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