Ejected from my kite field.

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Southern Oregon University (a state college) recently fenced off my kite field and locked it up. I jumped the 3 ft. Fence and started flying my kite. The campus police came and escorted me off. I was informed that the public is no longer welcome on school grounds (paid for with my tax dollars). The field is unused most of the time.
It has happened, kite flying is now against the law in Ashland Oregon.

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I can feel your pain,it just makes it harder to find a place locally without going to the beach!


This is a problem that WILL become more common. A while ago the local council banned 2 line kites on MY beach and all other local beaches. I thought it was just a mistake in signage, but it was not. I had to spend a lot of time campaigning to get access to the beach. Newspapers, council meeting and a lot of letter writing. I also had to keep my cool. Initially I was for a 10 lb hammer to  the sign and a broken nose for any one who thought they could remove me from the beach for flying a kite. Not a good idea, actually very bad. So after a concerted effort the local council lifted the ban on most beaches and gave me a season on my beach, which is a very busy beach in the tourist season. I still fly out of season but make sure I do not get in any ones way.

So... I think you should approach the Powers that Be and ask to use the field. Be reasonable stay calm and do not take no for an answer. Get  the  local press to run an article on this HOT issue. Write the local politicians. Get kite organisations to write to the PTB. Tie it in with other local issues health art what ever.. have a go!


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  ^^ Great idea coogee. Looks like I got some work to do, to make it happen  ;)


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