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I own a Prism Nexus and around where I live I have very little wind and have had little success with it. I am a total newbie.  So I would like to be able to just get the kite in the air and get the feel of using a dual line stunt kite.  I was considering buying a Prism 4D but have seen some people writing that it is very hard to control, but was told by the folks at prism that if I was using it in very low wind situations I should be OK for what I am trying to do.  If the wind got stronger, I could pull out the Nexus.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a very low wind kite that would be appropriate to learn on? I suspect it will have to be somewhat durable since I have certainly crashed by nexus straight down quite a few times.
I have seen the following suggestions:
airwave zero
skyburner NikNak.
My budget is about $100-120
thanks, any advice very much appreciated.


Where are you located? there might be someone nearby that would put you on a couple to test out...the SUL dual line kites generally each have a different might call to you more than another trying them out always helps!

There are always good deals in the Swap Meet that can be had.....




I would say that you could go with the 4d, especially with how new you are. The 4d will be nice because if you need to order parts, prism makes it pretty easy to do so online. The drawback is that because it is small, it can be a little squirrely compared to a bigger kite.

I have flown the airwave zero also and I like the kite, but it feels fragile to me. I have seen the spine snap on a rather light crash before as well. Honestly, light wind kites in general are going to be more likely to break than what you are used to.

When you are new, with limited equipment, it can be very frustrating on low wind days. You will benefit substantially from flying with your standard on days that feel like it is too light to fly.

Good luck in your purchase. I do agree with thief that if you have an opportunity to try other kites, do so because everyone has a preference for the way they like their kites to fly.


If you are going to be flying in genuinely low winds - 0-5mph - then, in your budget, the 4D would probably be your best option.  It is small, but it has a solid carbon fibre frame so it's very bendy and pretty tough as far as very light kites go. Below 5mph it will fly nicely but over 5mph it can get very fast very quickly and can be difficult to control in higher winds. It's a nice package - the case is really neat! but due to it's very low weight the range of tricks it can do can be limited. Overall a very nice, but quite specialised kite.

The Nexus is quite a small kite and does need a little wind to fly - ironically a larger 'standard' kite something 200-250cm will often fly better in 5-6 mph range than a smaller kite like the Nexus as it has a larger wing area.

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