Skywatchers: Rocket Launch From the East Coast (hopefully tonight)


NASA Wallops Island is launching a Minotaur 1 rocket tonight that should be visible to a large chunk of the east coast.

They are currently holding for a tracking station issue, but they have a launch window until about 9:15pm

This map will show the visibility area:

Live Webcast:

Just saw it go by... so freakin' cool when you can watch a launch from your front door !

Imagine seeing it from a mile away!

I saw a Space Shuttle launch from about a mile away. It was actually the first one, my father got special passes because of work that he did for the Military at the time. Yes, that left a lasting impression ! We got to see a Space Shuttle launch from here in New York more recently, couldn't hear it, but we were able to see the solid rocket boosters separate.
Damn, I just love things that fly !   ;D

Saw it from North Carolina, a faint orange line from the lower left of the image up to the moon (might have to click the photo to see it larger):

Minotaur 1 / ORS-3 by alloyjared, on Flickr

Rob, I wish I could have seen the shuttle from that close up!  We were six miles away on the causeway for the final launch, back in 2011, which was an awe-inspiring experience as well.


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