looking for info on jet kite
does anyone have any info on a company called jet kite from Battle Ground , WA?
I bought a duel line parafoil kite with a Jet kite logo on it and has a sky rod.  it is
2ft.x8ft.  any info on this kite would be helpful.  Can't find anything on the web.
Jet kites was run by Red ? who also built or had those spars built. He had a honey colored spar, I don't know if that's what you have or one of the standard black spars. The honey colored spars were super flexible and you could bend a 32" spar all the way back on itself without breaking. He also produce ultralight FlexiFoil spars and did some custom sails from a special UL sailcloth he had, those Flexi's would fly in almost zero wind and one was the first the kite I ever saw somebody walk a 360 with. He was also possibly the first person to wrap tapered carbon spars which he showed me once when I visited his shop after he had moved down to Rockaway, Oregon, he said the Top of the Line team was using them but hiding them with pieces of standard K75 where they showed. He wasn't ferreling them as such, but expected one to be slid inside the other to make a longer spar. He was quite proud of what he was doing and took me on the full tour of the shop including across the street just to show off the diamond blade on his saw he used to cut the finished spars to length. He even showed me some gigantic custom spars he was making for Peter Lynn (I think, been 25 years ago or more). How much of all of that is true I don't know, he also seemed like a good storyteller, but I sure enjoyed spending a couple hours with him right after having attended my first kite festival.

Can't give you any info on that particular kite though.

Red Braswell?
Weren't those spars called SkyRods?
thanks for the info. After he passed away, the odds and ends from his business were in storage in rockaway.
someone handling his estate posted a lot of things on a kite classifed. i bought several items including that kite and a skydiving parachute that he had rigged as a single line kite.  i only flew it once as it pulled like a truck in 3-4mph wind and i had to hang almost 11 lbs on a drone to make it stable. the skyrod on the other kite has a honey colored center section with black ends.  thanks again
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