Nice Wind, Sort Of.

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Currently in Las Vegas:

Winds NW at 6 mph.


47F and raining.

Not that I haven't flown in the rain before:

John Gillespie and David Barnby at Shoreline 2003, although the EFIX data says Dec 4, 2002.

david barnby:
Am thinking all three of those kites are mine

But I forgot I have the one I am Holding


And I was a real chubby back then big brother

Ca Ike:
The kites on the left and bottom are slick looking kites.  Bottom looks like a TOTL not sure on the left one.

david barnby:
On the left is an Andrew mauler (can't remember name) kite and on the bottom is a lite flite from England

Steve Hall:
on the left is a Marty Sasaki Katana (sold by GWTW)


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