World Sport Kite Championship 2014

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World Championship will be at Berck, France 12-20/04/2014

List of Competitors

China: Team Win Sky Shanghai

Colombia: Bogota 2600

France: Start Air, CV Folie, Cream Team, Les Mademoiz'Ailes

Japan: Air Rex

Lithuania: The Dealers

Malasia: Team Silat

Russia: Red Alert

UK: The Scratch Bunnies, Team Flame

USA: Air Zone Flight Team, Evidence

official site
FB page - the best source of information


Thanks for the info Mike.


Always good to hear from you Mike.  :)

Ca Ike:

Of course we got to root for Air zone and evidence.   USA….USA..USA!!!!!    ;D


I'm rooting for my Malaysian friends Team Silat. 

We compete in the inaugural Asia Pacific sportkite comp in 2012. A young and promising team. This is very good exposure for them and sport kiting in South East Asia. 

As an Asian I supporting the asian teams. :-)

Go Team Silat.!!!!! Go Airrex!!! Go Win Sky!!!

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