Sooo..........what d'ya think? Can you help?
It's now official..........Team Evidence has been invited to fly and compete with the world's best Sport Kite teams in Berck next year.

Now the team is going to need some help with all the expenses that come about with undertaking an endeavor such as this.

Being a self appointed mathematician, I figure that if just thirty percent of the members here hailing from the good ol' USA reached into their pockets and kicked in $5, it would  help the team immensely.

And, if you are one of those folks that would like to be a part of Team Evidence, and help send them to Worlds, you could always go here:    and pick up a tee shirt to wear while they are in France.  They are really nice shirts (we have a couple in a different color) and would further help the endeavor.

So what do you think?  Can you help out a little, or maybe even a little more?
Do I hear a ten? a twenty? thirty five of fivvy-five?
If so, click on the Team Evidence link to the right and hit the donate button.
It would be great to send off the Team with a little change in their pockets and all their expenses taken care of, so they can just concentrate on flying and spreading the joy of kiting with the rest of the teams in France next year.

Thank You,
ok, I'm in for $10.  :)
Thanks John!
I will see you John, and raise you $2.  I'm in for $12.
I'll put 15 in the hat.

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