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Hi all. I am thinking about buying a tablet. I have laptops and can run garmin mobile pc with them if needed so to make it worthwhile for me I need an android run tablet that I can navigate with without being either wi-fi (it will have that capability)or paying for a phone service SOOOO i guess what I am saying is I need a tablet with tru sat nav capability
Any help?? thanks as always Kurt


Ahh.... most tablets have a GPS receiver now. I use my tablet with gooigle maps as a big GPS.........
An you can download a 30mile map (iirc it is thirty mile area) into the tablet by

And if you have a phone set up as a WiFi link to the tablet you would be able to get traffic etc as well.

I do this on my asus transformer and a Samsung Galaxy tab


thanks Rob.. I have a stupid phone because I use it as a phone. that is why I am trying to stay away from linking. but a smallish computer with sat.gps is starting to sound pretty useful SOOO say a nexus with wi-fi and gps should handle my needs? they are fairly inexpensive. Window systems would run all of my exploring software (garmin)but I am not ready to pay that kind of money when I can use the laptops for that Plus they take up a lot of memory that is why I am looking at droid If I sound like I dont know what I am talking about it is because basically I DONT but that is why I am asking


CoPilot GPS works with 250 Android based smartphones and tablets.

CoPilot Live Demo on Nexus 7 Android Tablet



thanks Sam ! that should definitely cover me as long as I dont buy # 251

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