2014 TISKC Raffle #1 (The Impulse!)

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With TISKC just under six weeks away, it's time to announce our first raffle/donation opportunity.  Will Sturdy has been kind enough to donate one of his brand new Impulse freestyle kites for our first raffle. 

The winner will get to select which of the stock colors pictured he or she would like (Red, Purple, Green or Blue).  The Impulse is the latest freestyle kite designed by Will, having been extensively tested and flown all up and down the East Coast.  Where the Saber is all business, this is the go-to kite for freestyle trick flying. 

Raffle tickets are just $10 each, with a maximum of 50 being sold this time around.  Individuals can purchase up to 10 tickets, improving your odds to 1:5!  The drawing for the Impulse will be held on December 24th, 2013 (or sooner, if all the tickets go quickly).  Visit the donation page today to enter!


I'm in!

BTW, does anyone have any info on this kite? With so few US builders around these days, I expected a bit more talk about it.


Hi Jared. is this a straight credit card transaction or can I use paypal?
Thanks for all that you do Kurt


Hi Kurt,

You can definitely use Paypal; if you fill out the form on the linked donate page, I'll send you a Paypal invoice ASAP.

- Jared


Im in for two! Got the email link, should be paid tonight when i get home.


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