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I want to get my first speed kite.  I saw my first in action at the last Kite Party and it looked like fun!  I was going to buy a HQ X-Celerator off Amazon the other day for a way cheap price, but then they ran out of them.  Meantime I started looking at some alternatives and the HQ Fazer XL caught my eye.  As usual, my choice is a combination of aesthetics and logic, and not wanting to spend a lot more money on a giant kite (like the Fazer XXL). 

Anyone out there used the Fazer XL and have anything to say about it, good or bad?  Just curious...


P.S.  Merry Christmas to all! 

The HQ-Kites Fazer XL (wingspan 280 cm) is not a speedkite but a Powerkite.  ;)

Yes the Fazer Xl is really more about power than speed. 'Proper' speedkites are very quick but can be a bit difficult to launch.  If you are looking for something fast and fun in higher winds then the HQ Delta Hawk is a lot of fun for not a lot of cash. Again it isn't a proper speedkite, but it's pretty quick in 20mph+ wind and it's rated all the way up to 47mph if you can hang on ( it will fly in lower winds but really needs 18mph+ to be fun). Don't be fooled by it's small size, it'll try and pull your arms off in high wind!

Lenkdrachen Delta Hawk von HQ

I wouldn't call any version of the fazer a speedkite, it is just faster then normal kites, thats it.

Perhaps someone could offer a better definition of "power" and "speed" kites. 

I guess I had thought of a power kite as one that someone might use to pull something, a kite where you would use the power.  I thought of speed kites as being designed simply to move fast, like a real fast dual-line kite.

Can you offer more examples of "speed" kites?


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