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can someone splain to me the difference between a rok with the horizontal spars, and a rok with diagonal spars?
You mean besides the obvious difference? I'd say that is the only difference... as it's the only difference.

I'm not sure what you are looking for.
I was more asking if the flight characteristics were different, it seems to me that a rok with the spars crossing the spine diagonally would flex completely differently (more) at the bottom.  would this configuration allow it to "adjust" to higher or gusty winds  still a 4 pt bridle or a 3 point? is there a good enough reason performance wise to add the extra weight (4 spars instead of 3)
I've never heard of a Rok with diagonal spas before. Do you mean a Hex kite? A Rok is an extended hexagon so I'm guessing it could still work.

Are the bow adjusters across each horizontal points?

A Rok still only has 3 spas, one vertical and 2 horizontal. And if they were crossing over in the middle there would still be only 3 spas. If anything there would more weight/flex in the diagonal spas as they would be longer.

I think bridling would be interesting as a Rok pulls on the upper and lower horizontal spas whereas the sail would take a fair amount of the loading with crossed spas.

A Hex kite uses a 3 point bridle.
There has been a redesign of the standard Rokaku by a few guys in Europe.....yes, instead of a I frame configuration there is a X for the spreaders...this also has a 3 leg bridle....
I know that Christian Baden Powell is involved in this...

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