Advice on a beginning lifter.


  I am looking for a good all-around lifter.  I am a relatively new flier.  I would like something that has a good strong pull, decent square footage, looks good in flight, and won't break the bank.  I just wondered if the more experienced have a helpful opinion on the matter or leads as to where I could find such a kite.  I live in the midwestern USA where winds are often quite variable.  Thanks in advance for your help.

white wing lover:
What are you looking to "lift" Aaron?
This 9 ft. Sun Oaks conyne may do a good job for you.

You have several choices. Delta conynes are reliable and stable fliers. Lots of color styles to choose from. You could also get a sled. Premier makes a 24sq ft sled that is reasonable and pulls pretty hard. I'm in the Midwest too and I would say the DC is a more reliable flier but might lift a little less laundry depending on what you were going to lift. Deltas can lift laundry too, but aren't made to lift a lot unless you use a large one and that can get pricey.

I have them all and I would go with the delta conyne or a double delta conyne. Really smooth, consistent winds are rare out here. A DC would fly the best while lifting a fair amount of stuff. They can be had at reasonable prices, but you'll definitely need to invest in some strong line though. No sense buying a nice kite and accoutrements and watching them crash into a tree or tower because the line snapped.

There are some good dealers who are sponsors of this forum. (Look at the right of the screen) or PM me and I can give you more info.

Personally I'd recommend the Premier 36 sled. It's a work horse! It's not really expensive, it's built to last and can't really break. I've flown it in 4mph winds all the way up to 30mph and it flew great. It backs down easily into it's own drogue. It will lift some good line laundry in 6mph winds. It's also very stable.


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