2014 TISKC Raffle #2 -- The Echo!

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Donated by Paul de Bakker & Into the Wind, our next TISKC raffle item is the Echo!  The Echo may just be my favorite indoor & no-wind kite, and I'm thrilled that we have one to offer to one lucky person supporting TISKC.  I own two of these kites already, and if I wasn't the commissioner, I'd be throwing in for this raffle myself.

What makes the Echo so special?  Well, start with a phenomenal indoor kite, capable of all the great indoor floaty flying, add all the tricky maneuvers like 540 flat spins, half axels, snap stalls, and round it out with great throw/catch balance.  But that's not all!  The flexible micro fiberglass frame means that this kite also excels outdoors when the wind is just barely there.  Want to get in 15 minutes of flying but don't have time to drive to the local park or beach?  Attach a set of 15-20 foot lines to the Echo, and you can fly in your front yard, your back yard, or even your street (and I've flown mine in all three).   Work in a city?  Bring the Echo and spend your lunch break flying on the sidewalk or the rooftop.

I have quite literally carried mine across the country and halfway around the world.  When everyone else is grounded because the wind dies, the flyer with the Echo continues to keep the crowd engaged.  And on short lines, you can get right in close.  Sure, you could fly a Rev on 120' lines over a boardwalk, but wouldn't it be more fun to be arm's length from the people watching you fly?

Tickets for this raffle are a steal at just $5.00 each, and we're only offering 75 tickets total.  Drawing will be held on the beach at TI on January 18th, but you don't have to be present to win -- and if all the tickets sell out before January 18th, we'll hold the drawing early!  Visit the Eastern League website for all the details.  And if you haven't signed up to compete at TISKC, time is running out to take advantage of flat-rate early registration.  Register by January 1, 2014 to save big!

I am in for tickets!

Got me a few. I need a good no wind indoor kite  ;D

info sent Thanks Jared

This one is going fast!  Only 9 tickets left -- if they all sell this week, I'll hold the drawing and ship the kite out before I leave for Treasure Island (or, if you're the winner AND attending the TI festival, I'll have a kite-in-hand to give you at the event).



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