B'zar 2011 on the table

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Well I finally got aroung to starting the B'zar 2011 STD.  I just moved my kite building area into the unfinished part of my basement.  The most versatile tool I have turned out to be two 3/4 MDF which were 4'X8' sheets each cut into two 2' X 6" and one 2'X4' board giving a total of 4 sheets 2' X 6' and two 2'X4'.  I have been able to configure those boards numerous ways to help with various kites I have built

I placed them on my pool table to lay out and cut 4X6 roks

I've cut and layed out large panels for a 2.5M FF04a

Now I've moved them to have a cut out table.  The 6' length nicely accommodates fabric rolls.  I placed this on top of a workbench

I've placed two 2X6' side by side to use as a layout table and sewing table

And I've placed a 2X4' board to use as a spar/ bridle area


To date I have cut out all the panels and glued up the right one. 

Here is the flat layout

Here is how I dealt with the offset panels used to create the billowing of the sail.

I placed a sheet of metal underneath the layout. 

I then used magnets to hold the panel with the extra material in place

After I glued the panel in place I then taped the seam to hold it while I sew. 

I will hopefully start sewing the panel tomorrow.


looking good.  I like your 'magnet method' for controlling the fabric during your glue up stage.  Looking forward to your future updates.


Always good to see others projects and techniques.  The magnets are a novel idea to hold down the panels while joining the sail together.  I've used heavy steel weights and painters tape.  Ken McNeill uses a sticky mat. Paul Shirey used a light spray of contact glue on his work surface.

Keep the progress reports coming! 

I really like your GD Rok btw.  Did you create templates or enlarge the paper copy and cut with scissors or ??


Quote from: stapp59 on December 31, 2013, 09:39 AM

I really like your GD Rok btw.  Did you create templates or enlarge the paper copy and cut with scissors or ??


thanks, the colour combo of the logo are great!  I used a projector and sandwiched all the colours together. Might not have been the most efficient use of ripstop but it worked out in the end.

Check out this link to see how I built it 


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