Most important video I ever made: DFS Basic Training

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Hello everyone, No doubt one of the most important videos I ever made for sport kiting because Dodds Flight School Basic (11:23min) gives a person who have never seen a sport kite all the tools they need to not only learn pretty much every thing they need to know to  fly sport kites safely and easily,  but teach others to help grow our sport and pass on our passion!   Please Share! Its Free as it should be! (no links on this post, they are in the photo/video section on GWTW and everything is on my facebook group, Dodds Flight School)
 Flight school Basic Training Includes:
 1. Sport Kite nomenclature
 2. Sport Kite Assembly
 3. Hand Positioning (very important!)
 4. Wind Window
 5. Larks Head Loop
 6. Fly Line Management, set up and wrap up
 7. Safety First!
 8. Flying Field Selection
 9. Beaufort wind Scale
 10. First Launch - Assisted
 11. Solo Launch
 12. Window Search lesson
 13. Pull Circles (one handed)
 14. !/2 Circles, Vertical and Horizontal exercise
 15. Spins and wraps
 16. Push Circle (one handed)
 17. Edge Launch and take off
 18. 2 point landing
 19. The most important of them all. Teaching Basics! So you can pass on what you have learned!

 The next step is to review the bridle video and then start working the Snap Stall lesson. DO NOT SKIP AHEAD TO TRICKS. You can, but you are not doing yourself a favor...After the snap stall lesson, study, practice and use the 6 step learning practice system I developed over years of teaching hands on. It will give you the rudimental skills for progressing, and actually covers a lot of cool stuff including the axel. After that, I suggest you begin with the Axel group and then move on to the next. Take your time, one lesson at a time stick with the program, its in an order for a reason and these old videos will give you all the tools to learn todays tricks, which really are only combinations of tricks from lesson and tricks you will learn from my videos.  Send your friends and yourself over to Dodd's Flight School (sportkites) on Facebook or go to the links here on GWTW under photo/video and look for the thread and start training for free today! Enjoy and best winds! I only ever wanted to contribute, and help grow our sport. Sincerely dodd :)

Thank you for all your contributions!
Your videos have certainly helped me keep my 2-liners in the air better,
and helped me become better flyer.
Rock On, Dodd!   ;)

Ditto Dano!

Thanks Dodd for your continuing contributions to sport kites and kiting in general.  :)

When is the new video coming out.  : :P


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