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True Rookie:

   So with this weather were having it has made me start looking for a glider kite. I have checked out a few videos and love how relaxing it is to watch them fly.

   I really like how slow the Feather Glider fly's but there is no color on the sail. I was wondering if you could use different colored highlighters to put some color on it or would that damage the sail?

   I seen a video posted somewhere of a guy that was flying a glider inside and someone commented that the kite made it to the third level. If you know of a video like this could you please direct me towards it.

   What are some of your favorite gliders and why?

                                                            Thank you


Prism Zero g and will's sturdys chiropetra (which is probably spelled wrong). They both float and glide in zero or no wind but both will fly in just a slight wind.  Both take a different light touch then say a dual line

Ca Ike:

I would have to say the  ITW Skate, zeroG and horvath hybrid are my top 3.  Wala XL and ITW Hydra if you want to go big.  Indoor only I would go for the I elite or skate.


Quote from: True Rookie on January 11, 2014, 08:41 PM
    If you know of a video like this could you please direct me towards it.



Have to be  either an  Emong indoor and out, in light breeze, or one of Karl Longbottoms creations ,A Petrodactyl, again indoor / out  almost damage proof( I have seen one flown straight onto the floor at speed,nil damage) or his new 7-81.

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