Flying Wings 'Duende 2.2" Standard? ...or UL?
I got a chance to fly a 'standard' Duende 2.2 this weekend (thanks Jorge) ...and I liked the way it flew a lot!  IT's a real nice looking kite as well.

I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare the standard & the UL? The standard has a reasonably low wind capability & was wondering how much trickability is lost with the UL ...if any. Both, the standard and U, are good loking kites! The nearly all white UL has just enough color to make it interesting looking but the wind range advantage vrs ease of trickablity loss may not be worth the trade-off.

Any input or suggestions are welcome.
Jorge Gouverneur:
Hi Bill. I'm also thinking of getting the UL version. There is this video from Bell Chiu. flying the Duende 2.2 UL.

Bell is the creator and master of the Duende kite so he can make it look good.

This video gives an idea of what the kite is capable of.

Duende 220 UL by Bell Chiu


Why not buy both the std and ul?

I received a Duende 2.2 Ul for my birthday last week, I fell in love with the Flying Wings Soul years ago so I thought I would give the Duende a try, over the years I have purchased 1 Soul UL, Version 1 Soul Std, Version 2 Soul Std and a Vented Soul.

I have flown the Duende UL over the weekend with variable winds and discovered how amazing the kite fly's, I understand the weight in the frame set and sometimes the transition to fade is more difficult If you have to much wind for a UL kite however once in the fade any combination of backspins, yoyo, insanes, cyniques, wap do waps, jacobs ladder etc are all there.

I would rate this kite in the realm of kites twice the value and even some customs that I have purchased, even a rising turtle is achievable and easier than the Soul.

Great kite, good value for money.

Jorge Gouverneur:
I finally decided to get me the UL too

Duende 220 UL 2
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