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Hi all,

Just thought I'd share this link around...

Please, please add your thoughts there - DO NOT waste them here, let's keep it all in one big room.

If you're not on Facebook, I understand... But, it does offer the largest audience (by far) and is a good place to start change. ;)

Speak your truth!


the AKA should take appropriate input wherever it originates, including here. disregarding constructive feedback because it doesn't come through accepted channels is one of the problems of the AKA. its too insular.

thanks for the link but Steve does not make demands on my privacy or sell my data for profit to hold a discussion so if facebook use is a precondition for participation, i shall respectfully decline.

hopefully it goes well for you John and you receive benefit which aids in your guidance of the AKA.


Sort of offensive implying that by saying our thoughts here in this forum is wasting them........

actually seems like you are just trying to snag all the members here......

Was this a way to get more interest in the AKA?


So much for my thoughts on the AKA...

Be nice if it was at least publicly viewable, for those of us who don't use Facebook.

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++1 on both above posts. John, I admire that your are trying to get discussions going but if your talking to your friends on facebook (which if you understand facebook, it may not be reaching all your friends like you think it is) are you preaching to the choir?
I'm only guessing but those 'here' are probably who you want to woo into or back into the aka.

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