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thanks for watching

more information here:


Jorge Gouverneur:
Need to learn how to make stunt kites.

bryan beasley:
I like that. Nice one.


Great flying and nice music matching the slow pace!  What was the wind like?  Looks like no more than 3 km/h, but nice and steady?!

I am always a little wary of weeds on a field like seen in your video.  In North America that stuff tends to be spikier than it looks, and I have suffered at least one pin hole from flying over it  :'(

What is your final framing setup?  I recall that you were considering using 3pt in the upper leading edge (instead of 2pt).  I've got Lilith on my list of kites I'd like to build now that I'm getting my studio back in order. 

I've also considered the new nitro light for the lower spreader (that Jon T. has recently made available at sky shark). 

Anyway, fun video and awesome flying. 


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