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Hello everyone. I've been lurking on the board for the past few weeks and finally decided to post...

I used to fly with dinky duel line Walmart kites about ten years ago and had a blast. I remembered how fun that was and decided to do it again with something nicer. I settled on a Prism 1.9 foil and absolutely love it. I've only had that about two or three weeks, but now I want to get into an actual stunt kite. Would it be foolish of me to buy something high end to learn on? Or should I stick with something cheaper?

After reading all the boards I think I want to get a Widow Maker. Obviously it needs to be pretty durable as I'm sure I'll dart it into the ground a few times while I'm learning. Obviously starting out I'll be doing figure 8's and quick turns... hoping to move into some actual tricks as I feel better with the kite. Is the Widow Maker something that can grow with me or is it better for higher end stuff only?

If going the high end route is a dumb decision then I want to go with something much cheaper like a Prism Quantum so that I can build up my skills without wasting money so that soon I can get something higher end like a Widow Maker.

Also, I'm in Oklahoma City. It seems our winds are either nothing, or ridiculously high. Would you recommend a standard or an UL kite if you were going with something like the Widow Maker?

Thanks for all your help and input.
i live in utah and fly my widow maker ul, 90% of the time. eventually you will have both an ul and reg. watch swap meet you can get great kites at good prices
love the widow maker, great kite worth every penny, if you go cheaper try and find a Sky Burner Freestylist i think u can get a ul version it flys alot like the widow

bill lancashire:
What are those creases in the fabric below the centre-T in that photograph.  It doesn't look right to me.
another pic of the widowmaker ul, dont see creases in this picture, other picture was when it was new  friends daughter holding kite
The center-T area is the point concentration of all stress pulls. If the velcro flap on

the keel is not tensioned correctly, there will be some wrinkles. However, some people

experiment with that keel flap tension and find they like the flight characteristics better

when the center has some creases.

Of all the kites in our Friday night fly group, the Widow Maker UL is the most owned.

And, for an extra $40 you can have custom colors like Mark's shown below:

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