Doug's Bird of Prey

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Oh boy this thing is sweet! the attention to detail is OUTSTANDING!

The wing tips have battens that are supported by the thinnest microcarbon rod i have ever seen used in a kite......

Have to get some detailed shots and then some video.....

It is amazing to see something that looks like this fly so counter intuitive to convention...and it does so well....


Where can i get one? Looks good!


Awesome!  A high tech leaf  :)  Flown it yet?  Would be great in the living room today.  -15 outside right now.


this is around twice the size of an iFlite...but weighs the does great inside (and a good thing too since it is back to single digits outside again).....
it flies soooo do have to switch the orientation of "forward" in your mind...because if you do not your mind might see the kite backwards and that could be detrimental ;)

Doug S:


Thank you for your kind words.  It was a pleasure designing this unique kite and building one for you.  As indicated in my other posts, I have a thing for swept forward wings, and their associated aerodynamic benefits.  Very happy that it came together in this kite, which is a real joy to fly.  For those who are interested, the Bird of Prey has a wing span of 24 inches, 130 square inches of projected sail area and weighs 2.7 grams.  I was able to reduce the weight by 0.3 grams from the prototype.


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