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Steve Hall:
something we haven't done in a long time is to solicit ideas for new products you would really like to see unveiled at this years kite trade show.
what do you hope for?
Whimsy is always acceptable ... after all ... this is kites we are talking about.
that Prism Quad that has been rumored for years???
Andy Preston's update to the Stranger Level 7???
and affordable Pyro Ghost Delta from Frank Schwiemann???
ANYTHING dual line from Matheson or Jordan???
The Gemini II (electric bugaloo)

A Paul de Bakker vented Echo for street flying in stronger winds :)

It would be great if someone made a nice big (8'+) rok of decent quality at a decent price, made ramlal tien licensed Sentinelles for under two bills, licensed the chiroptera from will sturdy to increase availability, and finally convince scott hampton to make kites full time.

If easier, world peace would do.

Oh Steve.... how could you leave off the list....

circa 2009:

"As previously announced, the new TT in the development phase.


The new TT is optically closely applied to the known Tricktail design. He is, of course, "modernized" in several respects, so he gets on predominantly sailmaker seams (except for the profiles), proven APA connector and screw standoffs."



Steve Hall:
thanks Sam ... what was I thinking???


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